Sales, Marketing & Personal Growth Strategies for World Class Achievement

Bruce King is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist.

He is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter and sales trainer, business adviser, a personal coach and best selling author.


‘Double your sales and your profits too’ is not a catchy title to attract bookings for a conference presentation, a sales master class or for executive coaching. It is what I have been helping companies and individuals to achieve, nationally and internationally, for over twenty-five years.

Testimonials to the effectiveness of my work with companies across a diverse range of business sectors, including professional service providers, can be found throughout this website.

What do you need help with?

Maybe you are looking for a professional speaker to inspire and motivate your team at your next major conference or sales meeting?

Maybe your sales team are underperforming. Maybe they need a refresher on the basics of selling, or learn new approaches to prospecting for new business and making appointments, asking better questions, more effective communication skills, outselling your competition, negotiating skills, asking for the business, or just need motivating and inspiring?

Maybe you need help to develop and implement a more effective strategic business plan or sales and marketing plans?

Maybe you need one on one coaching to help overcome your biggest business or personal challenges?

Hopefully, you will find just what you need on this website. Enjoy your visit and do make contact if you have any questions.

It’s good to talk!

Double Your Sales at the IOD
Double Your Sales at the IOD


Set your next conference alight with the inspiring, engaging, sales motivational speaker Bruce King.

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Sales Training

Whether you are building a new sales team, developing an existing team, need to increase sales or have specific issues with aspects of your sales team’s performance, Bruce King will help you to achieve your goals and help coach your sales team to increase sales significantly.

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Test my coaching program. I can help you to get from where you are right now to where you want to be, faster than you maybe ever thought possible

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Bruce King is an international best selling author. Shop here for his books, videos and other powerful resources to increase your sales and motivation – fast!

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