A deadly sales mistake…

A deadly sales mistakes – Feast and Famine

Bruce King

I experienced it myself when I was fulltime selling – until I learned better. And as a sales manager, I saw my sales team making the same mistake – until I taught them better. Maybe you have experienced it too.

You are having a great week or month. Sales are coming in, you are ahead of target, you are excited but relaxed and comfortable. Everything is ahead of plan. And then…

Most if not all of the potential sales in your pipeline have now closed or did not come to fruition. And the pipeline is nearly empty. Panic starts to set in when you realise you have nobody left to sell to and you have to start prospecting like crazy again or the next week or month will be a disaster.

Sound familiar?

The solution is simple.

Do not wait for your pipeline to empty.

No matter how busy you are, set aside some time every day for prospecting – cold calling, asking for referrals and whatever other prospecting methods you use. Keep topping up the pipeline and you will never suffer the ‘famine’.

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