A lesson in handling incoming enquiries

Several days ago I emailed a prestigious UK magazine enquiring about the costs and booking procedure for an advertisement I was considering placing with them when we launch iZONEN in March 2018. This magazine is focused entirely on and for the sales profession, but for various reasons, I will not name it.

Three days later I had still not received a response.

I re-sent the email. The following day I received a reply which said ‘we have forwarded this to XXXX who I am sure will contact you shortly.’

XXXX did not contact me.

And this is a SALES magazine!

I shall be placing the ad with their main competitor.

Here is something they should know, you should know, and if handling incoming enquires is someone else’s responsibility in your organisation, something they should know.

1. Most people who make enquiries online enquire from several companies, and at least two.
2. The first supplier to respond and open a dialogue has a seventy percent chance of getting the business, and
3. Calls answered within five minutes of an enquiry are at least three times more likely to secure the business than those responded to within 15 minutes.

So, make sure incoming enquiries are distributed and followed up – FAST. Two or three days later is usually too late to sell to them right away.

And don’t email them. Pick up the telephone and call them.

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