Are you thinking 1. BIG enough and 2. SMALL enough?

1. Are you thinking BIG enough?

A client of mine died last week and I went to visit him in hospital a few days before he passed away. George described himself as a ‘late starter’ in that he set up his first business at the age of 56 which is when a lot of people are thinking about retiring. Over a twelve year period he built a very successful business indeed. He moved from a small semi detached house to a five bedroom mansion complete with indoor swimming pool and several acres of land, plus many other typical trappings of success. He also gave a lot of money to charity. But on his deathbed, Gorge said something to me that I cannot help but think about often and I encourage you to give it some thought too. He said:

“Bruce, my only regret is I did not think big enough. I could have done so much more.”

2. Are you thinking SMALL enough?

I am sure the concept of niche marketing is not new to you. George made his fortune identifying and selling into really small, niche markets. Yet when I discuss niche marketing with many business owners and salespeople, I often find they resist the idea for fear of losing out on other opportunities to sell outside their niche. If that might be the case with you, in contrast to what you may want to believe, the whole world is not likely to be your market. Even if everybody could use your product or service, there is a specific niche market that has an intense need or desire for the benefits you might offer and they will be far easier to target than attempting to sell to everybody. Thinking niche could make you rich too.

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