Posted on July.24.2017 by Bruce King

If you have heard me speak, or read any of my books, you’ll know that I’ve spent many years studying how the human brain works, and how to unleash  the power of your mind to help you achieve extraordinary success in your sales career, your business and/or in your personal life. If you find this […]

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Forget Sales Targets and Quotas and do this instead…

Posted on July.13.2017 by Bruce King

One of the reasons salespeople fail to make their sales quota or sales target is they are too focused on that quota or target. And that’s wrong. When things are not going as well as they should, it’s easy to get frustrated and demotivated. The focus instead should be on the Sales Process, because when […]

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Nothing and everything to do about sales

Posted on July.03.2017 by Bruce King

I found this quite wonderful, as did General Douglas MacArthur. It was written by Samuel Ullman, an American businessman, poet and humanitarian, back in the 1800s … “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is […]

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‘Blow Their Socks Off’ customer service

Posted on June.19.2017 by Bruce King

Those of you who have heard me speaking at conferences on the subject of obtaining referrals from existing customers to new customers will have heard me talk about the importance of ‘going the extra mile’ when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. I experience appalling customer service quite frequently and excellent customer service very […]

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A super story, and a great lesson in communication skills…

Posted on June.09.2017 by Bruce King

There once was a monastery that had very strict rules. The monks took a vow of silence and no one was allowed to speak at all. There was just one exception to this rule. Every year, the monks were permitted to speak just two words. After his first year at the monastery, one monk was […]

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Do you forget people’s names?

Posted on May.29.2017 by Bruce King

Here’s the fix… The thing that most people love to hear most of all when being spoken with is the sound of their own name. Yet it can be so very easy to forget it within seconds of being introduced. I recently completed a two-question survey with a group of approximately 350 attendees at a sales conference at […]

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How To Unblock Your Sales Pipeline & Make More Sales – Fast

Posted on May.19.2017 by Bruce King

I received a call from one of my clients who retains me as a coach. He sells a service which commands a high five to six figure annual fee and informed me that he had fifteen potential clients in his pipeline and needed to close some of them fast to maintain his cash flow. He […]

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Closing sales on the ‘hello’…

Posted on May.14.2017 by Bruce King

I’ll start by saying that I ‘m the greatest believer in preparing for every sales call. The higher the potential value of the sale, the more I prepare. With a potentially very high value sale, I may call my team in, explain the situation and practice the sales call with them. I ask them to […]

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Save your day from being a sales disaster

Posted on April.18.2017 by Bruce King

Many years of experience working with salespeople has taught me that what they do in the first 30 minutes of every day, sets the pace for what they will do and achieve during the rest of the day. Truly successful salespeople people know what they aim to accomplish every day, have planned how to achieve […]

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Getting more sales referrals

Posted on February.16.2017 by Bruce King

Getting more sales referrals – strategies most salespeople have not heard about, or do not implement.… I doubt anyone would disagree that referrals are often the easiest people to do business with, the most profitable to do business with, and are most likely to also refer you to other prospects. Most sales coaches recommend asking […]

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