Save your day from being a sales disaster

Posted on April.18.2017 by Bruce King

Many years of experience working with salespeople has taught me that what they do in the first 30 minutes of every day, sets the pace for what they will do and achieve during the rest of the day. Truly successful salespeople people know what they aim to accomplish every day, have planned how to achieve […]

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Getting more sales referrals

Posted on February.16.2017 by Bruce King

Getting more sales referrals – strategies most salespeople have not heard about, or do not implement.… I doubt anyone would disagree that referrals are often the easiest people to do business with, the most profitable to do business with, and are most likely to also refer you to other prospects. Most sales coaches recommend asking […]

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Do you tell lies? Are you sure?

Posted on February.08.2017 by Bruce King

There is no question that salespeople do not have the best of reputations. Most prospects think that salespeople often fail to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The reasons I was so successful in sales were:  One: I always acted with total honesty and integrity Two: I never sold anything to […]

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Are you sitting on the fence?

Posted on January.07.2017 by Bruce King

Are you sitting on the fence – finding it difficult to make a decision? Here’s how I do it – and get off the fence fast, because nothing ever happens whilst I am sitting there. A simple 3 stage process … 1. I write down the best thing/s that can happen if I do it. 2. […]

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15 Reasons Why You MAY NOT Need An Executive Coach

Posted on December.28.2016 by Bruce King

Many of the world’s greatest achievers in business, sport and other endeavours work with a coach. Without them, they say they would never have achieved so much. But here are… 15 REASONS WHY YOU MAY NOT NEED AN EXECUTIVE COACH 1. You alone are more than capable of developing your plans for success based on your […]

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Do NOT set any goals for 2017…

Posted on December.12.2016 by Bruce King

unless you plan to work harder and possibly smarter than you have ever worked before. And not unless you are prepared to dedicate the time, make the sacrifices, pick yourself up and overcome the obstacles that will inevitably get in your way, and experience and learn from the inevitable failures you will experience on your […]

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How to recruit only top salespeople – because the rest are not worth hiring.

Posted on November.22.2016 by Bruce King

Most sales directors, sales managers and relevant HR personnel will tell you that recruiting top salespeople is a challenge, not least of all because many salespeople who put themselves forward as being in the ‘top salespeople division’ simply cannot sell. Consider the following: According to OMG (Objective Management Group), amongst the world’s most respected companies […]

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74% of salespeople SUCK!

Posted on October.22.2016 by Bruce King

Are you a salesperson? Do you employ salespeople? Do you think they are competent? According to OMG (Objective Management Group), probably the world’s most respected company in the Sales Competence Assessment Industry … 74% OF SALESPEOPLE SUCK Their view is supported by many similar research organisations, as well as myself. For example: According to Forrester […]

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How do you know when you’ve made a poor sales presentation?

Posted on October.22.2016 by Bruce King

We all make them – I know I do occasionally. It’s not necessarily because the prospect did not buy. We can fail to sell for many other reasons. It could be something as simple as they were just not a real prospect. So how do I know if I made a poor presentation? Here’s how […]

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A wake up call to everyone in sales…

Posted on October.21.2016 by Bruce King

In the last two weeks I have presented three sales master classes to a total of 327 attendees. At each event I asked the delegates: ‘Please raise your hand if you have read a book on sales, marketing or the bio of a successful entrepreneur in the last 3 months or undergone any other form […]

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