Closing sales on the Hello

Bruce King

Not everything I say and write about works all the time. Let’s face it – we are usually selling to people and people are not totally predictable. But these strategies have worked for me many times, and for my many students. Otherwise I would not speak or write about them.

One of these is Closing Sales On The Hello.

I am the greatest believer in preparing for every sales call.

The higher the potential value of the sale, the more I prepare.

With a potentially very high value sale, I may call my team in, explain the situation and practice the sales call with them. I ask them to be as difficult with me as possible, raise the most outrageous (and unpredictable) questions and make it as tough on me as they possibly can, much more so than would ever happen in a real life sales situation.

I am as totally prepared as I can possibly be for that sales call.

In spite of the all that preparation, I will often start the sales meeting with a close…

Having said hello and rapidly established rapport, I ask:

‘So tell me XXXXXX, have you invited me in today to place an order with me?’ Followed by The Silent Close.

Very often there is a brief silence, followed by …

‘Hold on a minute Bruce, I do have a couple of questions first.’

And now I no longer have to ask all the questions I have prepared to expose the pain and the opportunities and no need to make my presentation on how to solve those problems and exploit those opportunities. I just have a couple of questions to answer before taking their instructions to proceed.

Could that work for you?

There is only one way to find out.

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