Do you ever get stuck for words?

From time to time, when sitting down and preparing this latest posting, I cannot think of a subject to write about. So I was delighted to get this email message yesterday which I reckon says it all – Thank you Paul!

Bruce, please feel free to use this as you wish…

“Bruce King’s book ‘How to Double Your Sales’ was the best £15 I’ve ever spent in my life!

My name is Paul Chuter and I manage the South East office for TimePlan Education which is a teacher recruitment company. In 2010 our turnover and gross profit had been the same for a couple of years and I thought that we were at our capacity, that we couldn’t push beyond what we were doing and I desperately needed a rethink about our strategy. 

I came across the book by chance whilst browsing a book store, I had an hour to kill between appointments and started reading it. The first chapter ‘train your brain to double your sales bruce kingwin the game’ struck a cord with me straight away. Previously I had been a speedway rider and 90% of winning races was about my mental approach to racing so I was really tuned in to what Bruce was saying in his book. I implemented the key action points that first week and worked on my time management the following week.

The results were remarkable. Even though we only had a couple of months of the academic year left our turnover improved by £150,000. I was able to take on another member of staff and brought all the staff in my office the book. The following year we were up £250,000 and now three year later on we are up by a massive £1,400,000 on where we were before I read the book.  Not bad for £15 spent! I’ve also achieved everything in my ‘goal book’ Thanks Bruce!”

You can get more info, see more testimonials etc., and order it here:
Better still – call me re an in-house program – I’m at least 100 x better face to face. Email me for a chat at  or call me on 44 1923 859977. I don’t care what country you are based in so long as you cover the travel costs.

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