How to Double Your Sales – The Ultimate Masterclass In How To Sell Anything To Anyone

Published by FT Prentice Hall – Paperback Book
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“Bruce King’s book ‘How to Double Your Sales’ was the best £15 I’ve ever spent in my life!

My name is Paul Chuter and I manage the South East office for TimePlan Education which is a teacher recruitment company. In 2010 our turnover and gross profit had been the same for a couple of years and I thought that we were at our capacity, that we couldn’t push beyond what we were doing and I desperately needed a rethink about our strategy.

I came across the book by chance whilst browsing a bookstore, I had an hour to kill between appointments and started reading it. The first chapter ‘train your brain to win the game’ struck a cord with me straight away. Previously I had been a speedway rider and 90% of winning races was about my mental approach to racing so I was really tuned in to what Bruce was saying in his book. I implemented the key action points that first week and worked on my time management the following week. The results were remarkable. Even though we only had a couple of months of the academic year left our turnover improved by £150,000. I was able to take on another member of staff and brought all the staff in my office the book. The following year we were up £250,000 and now three years later on we are up by a massive £1,400,000 on where we were before I read the book.  Not bad for £15 spent! I’ve also achieved everything in my ‘goal book’ Thanks Bruce!”

How to Double Your Sales offers a set of proven techniques to give both experienced salespeople and those new to selling everything they will ever need to achieve an extraordinary increase in sales – fast.

This book covers the complete sales process and gives you the ultimate stress-free selling system. Key features of How to Double Your Sales includes:

  • An 8-week plan with action points and exercises to build your sales skills week by week
  • Template scripts you can customise and use to win new prospects, overcome objections and close sales
  • How to use tried-and-tested NLP techniques to programme your mind for sales success
  • Why you may never need to cold call again – Winning Sales Referrals
  • How to cold call and set appointments when you have to
  • Stress-free techniques for handling objections
  • The 13 best ways to close a sale
  • Guidelines on how to improve other skills critical to stress-free sales success – communication; negotiation; time management and a great deal more

RRP £14.95 But see Amazon current price via this link

Just a few of the hundreds of testimonials received:

This is a 'must-have' business book for the sole trader, budding entrepreneur and serious salesperson. They will benefit greatly from understanding and applying its excellent methods and systems. Tried and tested, pragmatic and straightforward - the wisdom of years related to success for the modern day. Keep it away from your competitors

Steve McNulty

Chairman of ‘The Board’ - The UK’s Prestigious Executive Business Club

This is THE sales book for everyone and especially those who spend too much time looking outside of themselves and overlook their innate personal strengths! Especially good focus and practical tips on how to get that "inner sales knowledge" working and simple ways to follow through. Thank you Bruce for putting me back on track

Pauline Crawford, Managing Director

Corporate Heart, putting 'life' back into business - mapping professional behaviour to turbo-charge business back to life!

A practical step by step approach that will surely improve your sales performance. This is not something to be kept and filed away but a tool to accompany increased success in sales and re-focus you time and time again

Andy Lopata

Co-author of the Amazon best seller And death came third – The Definitive Guide to Networking.

Whether you are new to sales or an experienced sales professional, this book will become your personal tool to help you double yours sales fast. Make sure everyone in your company gets a copy.

Reg Athwal

Leading authority on human capital management and author of Wake Up And Live The Life You Love.

Bruce King really aggravates me because he delivers sales magic that really works and dares to call it common sense! You will want to implement all his strategies and he makes that process so easy. So treat yourself to a dollop of Bruce’s common sense.

John Donnelly, Past Vice President

The Institute of Directors and author of Weapons Grade Business Tools

This is the best book on selling I have ever read. So very inspiring! It’s practical, easy to follow and I would be very surprised if you did not double your sales very fast indeed.

Thomas Power, Chairman


In How To Double Your Sales – FAST!, Bruce King gives the most practical and effective advice on how to boost sales quickly that I’ve read in years. Anyone and everyone in sales should own a copy.

Ivan R Misner PhD

NY Times Best Selling Author and Founder of BNI

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