Five things you should make the time to SAY every day…

One: Thank you, you did a great job

Praise people for work well done. A gram of praise is worth a kilo of criticism. If you want positive, productive, happy people working with you and around you – make the time to thank them and praise them.

Two: I’m sorry for…

We all screw up sometimes. Own up, admit it and apologise. Put out the little fire before it becomes a furnace.

Three: Can you help me please?

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it’s the opposite. Ask and you will receive and nothing is too big to ask for. The worst that could happen would be a NO.

Four. How can I help you?

Be gracious with your time and expertise.

Five: I love you

Not in the workplace unless it is appropriate to do so, but tell people you love, to remind them you do. They need to hear it – often.

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