Happiness is the precursor to success – the proof

Success does NOT lead to happiness –

Happiness is the precursor to success

Put another way, if you are not happy now, you will find it extremely difficult to achieve your goals. Neither are you likely to be happy if you do achieve them.

So if you want to be more successful, you need to get happy first.

There are various ways of achieving happiness very quickly. Many are detailed in my latest book along with much of the scientific research to support this philosophy.

One way is simply to just smile more.

Recent research in Canada found that the average four year old smiles four hundred times a day, and when you watch a group of children for a while, you’ll notice they appear to be rather happy. That’s because they are.

Meanwhile the average adult only smiles fourteen times a day. And health services wonder why so many people need anti-depressants!

If you want to be really happy where you are right now and immensely successful in the future, get my latest book titled Smash Your Goals.

 It’s available as a paperback and eBook. Check it out here

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