Horrendous Sales Mistakes…

Here are two examples of horrendous sales mistakes I experienced in the last few days…

Bruce King

Example 1.

Five days ago I emailed a prestigious UK magazine enquiring about the costs and booking procedure for an advertisement I was considering placing with them for a sales training product I have recently launched. This magazine is focused entirely on the sales profession but for various reasons, I will not name it.

Three days later I had still not received a response.

I re-sent the email. The following day I received a reply which said – we have forwarded this to XXXX who I am sure will contact you shortly.

They have not yet.

And this is a SALES magazine!

The advertisement has been booked in a competing magazine.

Example 2.

I received a LinkedIn Contact Request from someone who, on the face of it, was a professional salesperson. They were seeking a new career opportunity in sales. I accepted the contact request,  said I might be able to help them and asked them to telephone me.

I received an email back asking for my telephone number.

I was horrified. My contact number is listed on my LinkedIn page and on my website.

And that was a SALESPERSON.

Did I reply?

NO! They showed a total lack of initiative.

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