“How are you today” – UGH!!!

cold callRecently, I’ve received an increasing number of cold calls from salespeople who have the ultimate intention of selling me something or setting an appointment to sell me something but who start their call with How are you today Bruce followed soon after by This is NOT a sales call.

Maybe you have received similar calls. Worse still – made similar calls!

How are you today? is insincere. Why would a total stranger be enquiring about my health? Do they really care? NO! The only stranger who has the right to ask me that question would be a doctor. I hate that question.

This is NOT a sales call is usually a lie. I hate liars! I bet you do too.

If you have to make cold sales calls, and you should be cold calling Perfect Prospects if you cannot get a direct and fast referral to them, try the following approach instead. Everyone I have taught this to and who has used this has reported back astonishing results. The script goes like this:

Good morning Mr/Mrs Jones – much more polite than using their first name

This is Bruce King from the XYZ company and this IS a sales call. Would you like to hang up now?

Usually the prospect will either give a slight chuckle or there will be silence. They almost never hang up. Immediately after the chuckle or a few seconds into the silence, you say:

OK – Give me 25 seconds to tell you why I’m calling please and then you can decide whether or not you want to continue a conversation with me or end the call. Is that fair?

Print this out and use it next time you make some cold calls. And please, do drop me an email and let me know how well it worked for you too.

My best selling sales book titled Cold Calling Made Easy contains everything you need to know to be successful in cold calling, tele-sales and appointment setting.

It is based on the in-house training I have conducted for very many companies who cold call to sell a diverse range of products or services and  for people who cold call to make appointments on the telephone. Read it, put what you learn into practice and you’ll be confident, articulate, you will get through to your prospect and you will get the results you want from the call.  More information here: http://www.bruceking.co.uk/cold-calling-made-easy/

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