How to increase business massively…

One of the sessions I created for coaching a group of sales and businesspeople, and sometimes individuals, is what I call ‘Just Suppose’ and it’s something you can do alone or with a group.

It’s based on Albert Einstein’s famous quote: ‘If you carry on doing things the way you have always done them, the best you can expect are the same results’.

The ‘Just Suppose’ is this: Just suppose that everything you currently do to gain more business has become illegal’. Brainstorm how else you can achieve the same and preferably better results.

There is just one important rule: The use or thought of non-positive words or phrases such as ‘that’s impossible’, ‘that won’t work’, ‘I couldn’t do that’, etc., are banned.

If an idea expressed, and / or discussed has the remotest chance of working, the question should be ‘How could I / we do that?’

Asking ‘’HOW’ accesses parts of the brain that will give you the answer or tell you who to approach to get the answer.

After a few hours, a few possibly brilliant new ideas have usually emerged, and with a commitment to put them into action. I then give instructions on what to do until the next session in four weeks time.

I call this second session ‘Stolen From The Best’.

It’s based on the fact that there are few totally new ideas or strategies, especially in sales and marketing, created in this world. In my fifty + years in the field, I can count on my fingers and toes, how many completely new sales and marketing strategies I have created. I just ‘Stole From The Best’.

So over the next four weeks, I ask the group (and you too), to do the following:

Look at the most successful companies in the world and find out why they have become so successful. They don’t have to be in your business sector. They just have to be achieving what you want to achieve. If they are not in a competing business, they may even be happy to meet with you. Ask for a meet! Ask how they have become so successful.

Read books, magazine articles, blogs etc., by or about famous businesspeople and read how they achieved greatness.

In four weeks time, armed with all the knowledge you have gained, repeat the session. Start with elaborating on the strategies you created in the first session Then move on to new ideas gained from your study.

There is only one way to find out if this will work for you…


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