How to increase your sales massively in 2013…

Top salespeople are amongst the highest paid people in the world and if you are not amongst this exclusive group, this could be why…

I frequently meet and work with salespeople who are earning £300,000 a year and a great deal more. They earn that level of income because they treat their role as a salesperson as a profession.

Professionals such as accountants, solicitors and doctors, to name just a few,  have to undergo many years of training before they are qualified to work in their chosen field. They read hundreds of books, attend hundreds of hours of lectures and receive hundreds of hours of coaching on the job before they are allowed to work unsupervised. When they are finally qualified, they have to commit to Continuous Professional Development and continue to study and attend ongoing lectures and training.

In complete contrast, many salespeople are not required to undertake very much sales training at all and I have met many salespeople who have not had any sales training whatsoever and still manage to earn an above average income.  Many companies simply expect salespeople to know how to sell and only invest in product training.

The top salespeople earning the top incomes invest in themselves and usually at their own expense. They read hundreds of books, watch training videos, attend sales training courses and continue to do so, no matter how well they are doing. The top salespeople increase their sales – massively, over and over again.

How about you?

Bruce King


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