Improvised Exploding Devices and Your Business…

I recently watched a TV programme featuring the experts in the British Army in Afghanistan who are responsible for locating and defusing or safely exploding IEds (Improvised Exploding Devices). In other words home made Land Mines.

These devices are buried just below ground level in their hundreds, if not thousands, by the enemy and have been responsible for more deaths of British troops and civilians than any other enemy tactic.

These highly trained and extremely brave and dedicated personnel work up to fourteen hours a day. What is particularly relevant to this article is that they are totally focused, 100% of the time they are on duty, dealing with these IEDs. The more they can remove, the safer their colleagues will be. They are dressed in heavy-duty equipment and so are perspiring heavily in the desert sun. They ignore the enemy snipers who are trying to pick them off with rifle fire; they have to rely on their back up team to protect them, and they remain totally focused on the job in hand. I repeat: totally focused on the job in hand, bullets streaking around them, almost without a break for up to fourteen hours a day and in conditions that you and I might last only an hour or so. And I doubt that anyone reading this article is paid as little as these soldiers.

How focused are you on the job in hand?

If you have attended one of my Sales Master Classes you’ll recall that at some stage during the event I usually ask the question: “How much of your working day, in percentage terms, do you admit to wasting or allow other people to waste for you?”

We recently analysed the responses from the last 1000 delegates and the average time they admitted to wasting or allowing other people to waste for them was 37%. Some, but only a few, were as low as 10%. Many were well in excess of 50%.

Imagine how much more business you would be doing and how much more profitable your business would be if you were 100% focused every moment of your working day.

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