It’s rarely their fault, but…

In the past few months, I have been conducting sales training for several companies.

The question I frequently ask the salespeople in the group is:

 ‘What is holding you back from selling a lot more?’

The answers usually include the following:

‘We need to reduce our prices – we’re not competitive enough’
‘The company needs to spend more on marketing’
‘They give us too much paperwork’
‘We need a bigger range of products’
‘My sales manager does not give me enough support’
‘I don’t get enough sales training’
And on, and on…

Note: It is rarely if ever THEIR FAULT!

Here’s the solution:

I wrote the following on a piece of paper and pinned it on the wall in front of my desk over thirty years ago. I’ve moved office so many times, and this same piece of paper has moved with me every time. It’s on my wall right now as I’m typing this. It’s old and faded, and just as relevant as the day I wrote it.

It’s just ten, two letter words….


Enough said.

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