Negotiating Tip – You Must Keep The Big Picture In Mind

It is a fact that most professional buyers have more training in buying than many salespeople have in selling and that applies particularly to negotiating.  As you are also sometimes a buyer, the fact you must keep the big picture in mind is a tip that could also save you a lot of moneywhen negotiating your own purchases!

This is a technique used by well trained negotiators and is what I call the ‘Orange Technique’. The way most people eat an orange is to first peel it and remove and eat one segment at a time.

What the well trained negotiator may want to do with you is to try to distract you from looking at your big picture by going over one segment of your proposal at a time and attempting to gain as large a concession as possible from you on that segment before discussing any other aspect or segment of your proposals. If you get drawn into this, you may find that the series of concessions you gave over numerous aspects or segments of your proposals, which may have seemed reasonable at the time you conceded each one, add up to massively more than you would ever have agreed to give away if you kept the big picture in mind. So keep the big picture in mind.

Bruce King

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