Psycho – Selling

First published by BBC Books in 1994 – ‘Psycho-Selling – Double Your Income From Sales In 8 Weeks’, rapidly became an international bestseller and launched Bruce King’s career as an international conference speaker.

Many salespeople have said it is the best sales books ever written. Second-hand copies of the book are listed on Amazon at up to £95 depending upon the condition – it’s almost a collector’s item!

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Here is what Max Soderpalm, founder and CEO of Sweden’s most successful publishing company wrote about Psycho-Selling in the foreword when his company republished it in Swedish. 

It was a Thursday afternoon in Autumn 1994

I was in my car, on route to my sales job. There were two days left of the week and I had set a new company sales record a few days ago.

For me it was an ordinary day, but had you been sitting next to me, you may have been a little puzzled about my behaviour.

You may have asked – ‘Max, what are those handwritten notes stuck to your dashboard’ and ‘why do you keep chanting over and over that you are the best salesperson in the world?’

A better question would have been – ‘Max, how did you become the best salesperson in Sweden?’

I would have replied: I read a sales book and did everything I learned in the book. But this was not just any book. It was called Psycho-Selling and it was by Bruce King. It was his first ever book and it was the first sales book I had ever read that taught me also to use the power of my mind to become a great sales success.

What’s interesting is that there were ten of us in the sales team. We were all given the book and we all promised our sales manager we would read one chapter a week and put what we learned into practice.

After three weeks, I discovered something. It was only me who was reading a chapter a week, only me who was putting what I learned into practice and it was only me who was increasing my sales massively.

Jump forward fifteen years to today. Now, I am sitting at my desk – head of my own publishing and sales training company, and writing an introduction to that same book that was responsible for my success that we are about to republish in Sweden. It’s a strange feeling because when I first read it, I did not expect that Bruce King would become one of my best friends and partners.

When I did finally get to meet Bruce many years later and thanked him for his amazing book and my success, I discovered quickly that the Bruce I got to know through the book was the same in real life.

Since then we have experienced many glorious moments together. My company translates and sells his books throughout Sweden and we have great fun when we present sales master classes together in all major Swedish cities and are helping a new generation of salespeople to succeed.

Now you have the chance to experience what I did fifteen years ago. You have the chance to learn from Bruce, get into action and become a great success. I guarantee it. Make it your own – make yourself the star in the book just as I did.

Psycho-Selling is a classic sales book that really works in reality. Now it is your turn to discover the power of it.




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