Resolution Sabotage…

Bruce King

Have you made New Year’s resolutions and set goals for your business, career and personal life for 2014? 

If you have – GREAT!  BUT be aware that less than one quarter of one per cent of people keep to their resolutions or achieve their goals. Here is what I believe are the three main reasons for this and the solutions…

tickbox.jpgReason One
They had no intentions of doing so or they would not give up on them so quickly.

A classic example of this lack of intention is the annual January mass enrolment at the local health and fitness club. The club knows that most people who join in January will drop out within a matter of weeks. That is why they are happy to sell many times more memberships than the club could possibly accommodate.

Tip: Do not make resolutions or goals you have no intention of keeping or achieving. If you do, you program your subconscious mind into accepting it is OK for you to give up at the slightest hurdle.  You are likely programming yourself for all round failure. Better not to make any than make ones you are not intending to keep to.

tickbox.jpgReason Two
They do not have a plan.

Very few people plan to fail but most people fail to plan.

Tip: If you have a resolution or goal, devise a plan that will enable you to make certain you keep to your resolution and achieve your goals. And make a resolution to stick to the plan -come what may!

tickbox.jpgReason Three – The really BIG one!
You or other people will sabotage your plans.

Other people will sabotage your plans out of fear, jealousy, insecurity and their need to stay within their own comfort zone. The you right now is whom they are comfortable with. The you they believe you might become may make them feel very uncomfortable indeed.

Sometimes they will do this consciously and other times subconsciously. It is for you to recognise this is happening and either ignore it totally or explain to them why you have made these resolutions and set these goals, why they are not a threat to them and how they too could benefit.

You may also be sabotaging yourself because the resolutions, goals or targets may be causing a conscious or subconscious conflict within you. This conflict will inevitably lead to failure, sohere is a powerful exercise you should carry out as soon as possible – but don’t rush it – it’s too important…

If you have read How To Unleash The Power Of The Mind you will know that part of the process to achieving extraordinary goals is to write down your goals and write down precisely how your life will be when you have achieved that goal. Do that and include everything it will give you, every other opportunities that will open up for you and everything else you will be able to create in your life when that goal is achieved. And then…

Write down what it will NOT give you, things it might PREVENT you from doing and things it will create in your life you DO NOT want.

Whatever is on that second list, you must deal with these and get them completely out of the way. If you do not, you will have conscious and / or subconscious internal conflict and it is almost certain you will give up on your resolution or goals, often even before you have totally bought into them or started working on them.

If you cannot deal with that conflict yourself, there are many professional coaches who can help you, including of course myself.

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