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Do 74% of Your Salespeople SUCK too?

OMG (The Objective Management Group), is amongst the world’s most respected companies in the Sales Competence Assessment Industry. Their assessments have been used by more than 12,000 companies and with over 1 million salespeople.

An analysis of the assessments they have completed led the CEO, Dave Kurlan, to drop his usual ‘polite corporate speak’, and summarised their findings rather more bluntly. He said: ‘74% OF SALESPEOPLE SUCK’.

His view is supported by many similar research organisations, as well as myself. For example:

According to Forrester Research Inc., B2B customers thought that:

  • 76% of the salespeople they met were not knowledgeable about their businesses.
  • 70% were not prepared for the questions they wanted answers to
  • 75% were not knowledgeable about the customer’s business
  • 76% could not relate to the prospect’s role and responsibilities in the organisation
  • 77% did not understand their issues
  • 78% did not have examples or case studies to share with them.

No matter what you or I do, say or teach, some of your salespeople will never change. You can probably guess how I would deal with them.

If you believe they are coachable, want to increase their sales and be in the top 26%, read on…

Sales & Motivational Training

Whether you are building a new sales team, developing an existing team, need to increase sales or have specific issues with aspects of your sales team’s performance, I will help you to achieve your goals and help coach your sales team to increase sales significantly.

As well as working with sales teams and sales managers and with companies of all sizes ranging from the smaller SME to multi-national organisations, in recent years Bruce has also been hired by many professional services firms whose personnel are inevitably involved in the generation of new business and have a responsibility to sell their services.

Tailored Sales Training Programs

In-house sales training programs can be structured to deal with specific sales and sales management challenges. Tell me your sales team’s greatest challenges and he will almost certainly solve them for you.

Where it is required, a detailed analysis of the sales team’s performance and a skills analysis can be carried out prior to designing and delivering a sales training program.

This could include psychometric testing, interviews with sales personnel and sales management, field visits, a review of sales presentation materials and the current sales process and other relevant factors.

For a discussion with me about your specific sales training challenges and requirements, click here , send Bruce a message and he will contact you for a discussion. Fees are from £3,000 for a half day training within the Greater London area and increase depending upon the session location, the duration of the event and any other additional support services required.

Bruce King’s Modular Approach to Sales Training

Where there are no specific challenges and a general, all-round sales development program is required covering all aspects of the selling process, I offer several ‘Double Your Sales’ Master Class Modules from which to select.

Each is conducted in-house with your team, and I work with them to tailor the material to your specific product or service in order that they can put the techniques they learn into practice immediately. They include, but not exclusively:

  • How to unleash the power of the mind for spectacular sales success
  • Sales time management
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Referral Marketing
  • Targetted cold calling & how to exploit voicemail
  • Networking strategies
  • A selling system
  • Handling sales objections
  • Closing the sale
  • Customer retention strategies

For a discussion with me about your specific sales training challenges and requirements, click here and send a message.


As well as coaching salespeople for many SMEs, these are just a few of the larger organisations who have hired Bruce King or whose employees have attended his sales, marketing & personal growth Master Classes:

Abbey National – Allied Dunbar PLC – Abbey Life PLC – American Express – Baker Tilly – Bank One – Barclays Bank – Business Link -Credit Suisse – Bayerlische Landesbank – Dunn & Bradstreet – Durlacher Ltd – First Chicago Bank – Forte Hotels – GNI – IFS International – ITN – Kinnarps Office Furniture – Lloyds Bank – Manpower – Marriott Hotels – Merrill Lynch – Mercedes Benz – Lombard Risk Systems – Morgan Grenfell – Rothschild Asset Management – Salamon Bros – Semple Fraser Solicitors – SBC – Siermen – Warburg Dillon Read – Sherwoods Solicitors – Trade Indemnity PLC – UFB Humberclyde – Webasto

A few of hundreds of testimonials…

Since I first saw you at the Institute of Directors my business has been on the "up". I was so inspired by that day and the buzz that I got from hearing you lecture, that I had to ask you to come and train my team. My business is about selling legal services in a particular market, debt collection. It's a tough business and there is a lot of competition. In our training sessions with you we have set up an Account Manager Program and designed a sales presentation which is unlike any other I have seen from our competitors.

Using your approach on selling we are now able to visit potential customers and examine their needs. By making our own analysis we are able to offer our range of services which fit the client's exact requirements. Not only did you work with us in understanding our business - you then went on to build a client presentation which the whole team agreed on and accepted as the "Sherwoods approach".

Your innovative style and confidence has found its way into every part of the business and it's this which makes you so special. We can now use the telephone to communicate with new customers and maximise business from existing clients. The whole organisation is buzzing with new ideas, and ideas are being created from that buzz. You make people believe in themselves, which in turn means they feel confident and successful. Once they get into the habit of success there is no stopping them!

As I like to think of all my team as an extended family, I get a real buzz out of seeing them succeed and grow in confidence. Your input has been to make us all feel very special and successful. Thank you Bruce.

Claire Sandbrooke

Senior Partner - Sherwoods Solicitors

Bruce is one of those people who makes an impact. As a result of our work with Bruce we have made fundamental changes to our approach to client relationships and business development, with very positive results. These changes are now a core part of our culture. If you are looking for someone to make a real difference to your teams sales or negotiation skills you should speak to Bruce.

Bill Fowler

Semple Fraser LLP Solicitors

Bruce King is a sales genius! His advice has helped my company boost sales by over 50% in less than 3 months. His approach is practical, effective and absolutely great value. If you are in business and you'd like to double your sales then take it from me that Bruce is someone to have on your side.

Doren Gabriel, MD

1st Image Ltd

I worked with Bruce when I was a corporate partner in a commercial law firm and, in the world of sales consultancy, he is the real deal. He presents his ideas and concepts in such a way that they can be grasped and implemented easily and he clearly demonstrates a wealth of experience in what he does. All of this is delivered in a very personable and engaging manner - not something that can be said of others in his field. Thoroughly recommended.

Stuart Russell

Just a note to say how pleased we were with your recent coaching here at ITN. Sales have increased already and I know your emphasis on results will impact on revenues in this and future years.

Ciaran Fenton

ITN Archive

Contact me to discuss your sales training challenges and requirements.




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