Selling is easy when you know how – BUT…

You may not like to hear this but no matter how easy I or anyone else can make selling for you, if you want to earn a huge increase in commissions, bonuses or gain that promotion you’ve been wanting IT IS STILL GOING TO BE HARD. Consider this…

dysWhen I ask an audience of salespeople how much time they admit to wasting of their normal working day, even the more successful will own up to wasting between 25 percent and up to 60 percent of their time. And most of these people also think they work quite hard. BUT in my opinion and further analysis always proves my point, they are usually wasting a great deal more. Here is why…

If you want to be really successful in sales and be exceptionally well rewarded for your efforts and results, you have to value your selling time above all else and not allow anything to encroach upon it. For people selling in the B2B market, that selling time is probably from 08.30 to 18.00 and possibly later. In the B2C market it may involve a different time scale and whatever that is, it is only for selling.

To be really clear, that means that most if not all others aspects of your work that do not involve speaking with suspects, prospects or customers or meeting with them is done outside of those hours – in your own private time if necessary. That includes research, marketing, writing and sending letters, emails, proposals and even invoices if that is your responsibility too.

If that all sounds rather daunting, then of course you can carry on as before. The challenge then will be that earning a huge increase in commissions, bonuses or getting that promotion is going to be even harder, no matter how easy I can make selling for you.


Bruce King

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