The ultimate strategy for sales success …

It was Albert Einstein who said ‘The definition of insanity is to carry on doing things the way you have always done them and expect to get different results.’

If you have been doing your very best to bring in more business, and you want to be selling a lot more tomorrow and even more, every day in the future, then it is almost certain you have to improve the way you currently sell  – your current best is unlikely to be good enough.

So what can you do?

Well here is what I do and what so many salespeople  and business people I have coached do as well – we call it our Holy Hour and I started doing this over twenty years ago. I can assure you, it is without question – THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY FOR SALES SUCCESS. We get up one hour earlier than we usually did in the past and here is what we do in this hour…

  • Read a business skills book for thirty to forty minutes – I aim to read one new book a week. Even the worst books I have read teach me some extremely valuable lessons.
  • Watch twenty to thirty minutes of You Tube videos – listen and watch some of the most inspiring business, motivational and inspirational speakers.
  • Put what we learn to use that very day

It works for us and will work for you too – so go on – test it. I am quite sure that once you start you will never want to stop. And after a very short time, your best will be better – and better every day.

To your success

Bruce King

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