The Consultant Close

Have you ever been in this sales situation? …

You have established excellent rapport with your prospect

You have established they are the decision maker

You have identified their problems

You have presented your solutions to their problems

You have obtained their agreement that your solutions will solve their problems AND

Still they will not make up their minds to invest in your solution (or maybe even said NO)

If you are ever faced with this situation, try ‘The Consultant Close’. It goes like this and of course you can change the wording slightly to suit your selling style, product or service:

Mr / Mrs Prospect, We’ve agreed my solutions can solve your problems, yet you are still unable or unwilling to make a decision. So may I take my sales hat off for a moment please and suggest you look at the situation from a slightly different perspective? (Silent Close)


Thank you. Imagine for one moment that you have hired me as a consultant. I’ve identified your problems. I’ve shown you how to solve those problems and you have agreed my solutions will indeed solve those problems in a cost effective manner. My advice to you – as your consultant, is to go ahead. Would you agree that you should and you will? (Silent Close).

The Consultant Close has worked for me on many occasions and worked for hundreds of people I have coached. It will work for you too. Use it and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose and more sales to gain.


Bruce King

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