The Failure or Success Test

Will your business thrive, take a dive, or even survive in 2017 and on?

The most frequent answer I get when I ask this question of business owners is:

“I hope to thrive, or at least survive”.

Hope is not a prudent business strategy.

Here are three disturbing facts:

  • Only around 10% of all businesses that are ever started survive for more than ten years.
  • It is the view of many of the most successful entrepreneurs and economists I know, that 2017 and for a good few years onwards, will be tougher than any in the last 50 years. And I have worked through some tough ones! Many businesses will become less profitable, and many currently successful businesses will fail.
  • 97% of business owners fail to reap the financial rewards and other benefits they hoped for when they first set up their business.

They did not plan to fail. They simply failed to develop, implement and regularly review their Strategic Business Plan and Sales & Marketing Plan, and implement those plans on an ongoing basis.   

Many of the business owners and directors I consult to are entrepreneurial, dynamic and go-getters. They are easily bored, and especially when it comes to detailed and ongoing planning. But with my help, and especially when we replace the term ‘planning’ with ‘goal setting and goal achievement’, it becomes more interesting, exciting and possibly even fun.

I would like to help you to thrive in 2017 and on, and become one of the 3% of business owners who do achieve their goals.

I’m Bruce King, international best-selling author, sales and marketing master class presenter, conference speaker and executive coach. I work with SMEs to help them to double their sales and double their profits.

Now complete this ‘Failure Or Success Test’

Answer YES or NO to the following questions. 

In the last 14 months have you …

  1. Developed or reviewed a written Strategic Business Plan, and established key objectives for the business in the short, medium and long term?
  2. Reviewed the personal benefits you want to derive from the business in the short, medium and long term?
  3. Carried out a SWOT analysis of the business
  4. Identified your current roles in the business and how best to utilise your time?
  5. Reviewed current products and / or services, the income from each of these, and evaluated which are the most profitable and least profitable?
  6. Investigated and identified potential new products and services to increase sales and profits?
  7. Carried out a financial analysis to identify how best to increase sales and profits?
  8. Agreed a Sales and Marketing budget for the current year?
  9. Reviewed current Marketing strategies to meet your sales and profit objectives?*
  10. Reviewed current Sales strategies to meet your sales and profit objectives?* 
  11. Identified additional or alternative Sales and Marketing strategies to meet your sales and profit objectives?
  12. Reviewed management systems to ensure you have access to the information you need to stay on track?
  13. Developed or updated a written Sales & Marketing Plan based on at least all the above?

 *For the purpose of this test, I define marketing as everything you do in your business that helps to attract people to make an enquiry about your product or service OR makes an approach by a salesperson more effective in securing their business.

*I define sales as the actual purchase made by a customer of a product or service, with or without the involvement of a (sales)person.

How many did you answer YES to?

12 – 13  Well done. You are very likely to achieve your goals.

10 – 11  With a little more planning, most likely to achieve your goals.

5 – 9     A risky strategy with limited chance of success.

0 – 5.     A likely disaster!

If you answered YES to 11 or less, here’s how I can help you ensure you meet your business and personal goals….

I provide a RISK-FREE, intensive one-day, Strategic Planning and Sales & Marketing Planning Session for SME directors and business owners. Together we create a Strategic Business Plan and a Sales & Marketing Plan, which when implemented, will massively increase your chances of success.

Please be aware that unless you are willing to travel to my offices in Radlett in Hertfordshire, this offer is only for businesses based within 45 minutes travelling time from there.

Aside from your location, please also be aware you must be a business owner or main board Director of a Limited Company, a Partnership or a Sole Trader with a turnover of between £500K and £5 million, although I can make exceptions for certain categories of businesses. If you are not, please accept my apologies for directing you to this page in error. And if there is more than one working director or partner, all must be prepared to attend and contribute to the session.

The planning session with me is RISK-FREE because you place your own value on the time we spend together. You only pay me what you believe it was worth to you.

Why am I making this RISK-FREE offer?

No matter how large the fees I am offered to consult to clients, and address conferences in various other countries,  I just don’t enjoy long distance travelling anymore.

I would far prefer to work in the UK and more locally, and with a few companies who want to retain me on an ongoing basis. After our session together, if you want me to continue to help you, and if we both think we have a good fit,  you may wish to do just that.

With that said, please understand I am NOT offering you a ‘sales pitch in disguise’ and I promise not to put any pressure on you in any way at all.

The Intensive Planning Session is very intense and you will gain much from it. You will know where you and your business are right now, and how to get to where you want to be in the future, with a step-by-step Sales and Marketing Plan for your business. Put the plan into action and success is almost guaranteed.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this proposal, or to book a session, contact me here.



Here’s what others have said about working with me …

 “Bruce has given me a better sense of direction and clarity in terms of how to achieve my business goals over the next 5 year period. As a small business owner of many years, it was also a very valuable and rewarding exercise to be able to discuss and analyse the mechanics of my business as well as identify possible areas of growth, and to set clear  achievable objectives with such an experienced and clear thinking professional such as Bruce.  

I went away feeling enthused, motivated and excited to implement all the points we identified for the first time in many years. Thanks Bruce. I look forward to continue working with you.”  Leta Bester, Director.  London Wine Academy

Bruce King is a sales genius! His advice has helped my company boost sales by over 50% in less than 3 months. His approach is practical, effective and absolutely great value. If you are in business and you’d like to double your sales then take it from me that Bruce is someone to have on your side.   Doren Gabriel, MD 1st Image Ltd

Bruce is one of those people who makes an impact. As a result of our work with Bruce we have made fundamental changes to our approach to client relationships and business development, with very positive results. These changes are now a core part of our culture. If you are looking for someone to make a real difference to your teams sales or negotiation skills you should speak to Bruce.  Bill Fowler Semple Fraser LLP Solicitors

Just a note to say how pleased we were with your recent session here at ITN. Sales have increased already and I know your emphasis on results will impact on revenues in this and future years.  Ciaran Fenton  ITN Archive

I worked with Bruce when I was a corporate partner in a commercial law firm and, in the world of sales consultancy, he is the real deal. He presents his ideas and concepts in such a way that they can be grasped and implemented easily and he clearly demonstrates a wealth of experience in what he does. All of this is delivered in a very personable and engaging manner – not something that can be said of others in his field. Thoroughly recommended.   Stuart Russell

This is an introduction and reference for any person that is in the process of selecting a professional coach.

I had been reading and learning from the famous books Double Your Sales and Winning Sales Referrals and attended Bruce King’s inspirational Master Classes in Sweden on two occasions. Then I spoke with the authority himself, Mr Bruce King.

We had some good discussions and agreed to start coaching sessions to strengthen and improve the strategic planning and sales within my enterprise. We have been having regular fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions since April 2013.

As Strikersoft is a Swedish entity with part of the organization based in the Ukraine, I have more recently had a challenge to keep focused. New challenges emerged as the revolution started next door to our development center. After great sales success and other improvements, our minds started to focus on geopolitical issues rather than business.

Bruce King has been a fantastic coach with his enthusiasm and ability to help to keep my mind on track and not only during agreed coaching hours. Bruce wants to deliver that extra mile and does so with love and a great heart. Bruce is a sincere professional with additional senses needed to help any entrepreneur to achieve success.

I can strongly recommend Bruce King’s services to any business professional that wants to achieve rapid growth and success.

For references in relation to Bruce King, please contact
Strikersoft CEO and founder Fredrik Wångberg

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this proposal, or to book a session, contact me here.






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