The Rule Of 2 x 3 …

Unless you are a full time telephone sales operator or appointment booker, as a salesperson you may find it hard to make the time to make the targeted cold calls to senior decision makers that can potentially bring in the best business.

BUT of course it is not true that you find it hard to make the time. The fact is you resist making those calls for a number of reasons, not least of all the fear of rejection (see note below).

Here is my rule of 2 x 3:

Make three, targeted cold calls to Senior Decision Makers BEFORE nine-o-clock in the morning and another three calls AFTER five-thirty in the afternoon.

At those times you will avoid the ‘gatekeeper’ (see note below) and most likely get through.

If you do that every day, five days a week, forty-eight weeks a year, that would be a total of 1440 additional cold calls.

Do you think that might generate you some serious levels of new business?

I know it would!

I believe you do too.

coldcalling1Note 1. A thought on rejection: NOBODY EVER HAD A HEART ATTACK when someone said NO to them when they made a cold call! …

I have never, ever seen a dead body slumped across a desk after being rejected on a cold call.

Note 2. A thought on the term gatekeepers. Yes it is a commonly used term. But from now on, think of them as DOOR OPENERS and your attitude and approach to that person will also change.

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Bruce King

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