This might upset you – but!…

The following was a question posted by the MD of a company on an internet based sales and marketing group on the internet to which I subscribe and contribute from time to time.

‘Is there anything new in the sales training sector other than the ‘back to basics’ approach which so many trainers seem to take’.

My view, which was echoed by many other people, is that there is nothing revolutionary going on in the sales training sector; just different and more impactful ways of inspiring people to implement what they are being taught.

The question did also remind me of the quote credited to the well known sales guru Tom Peters and one which I’ve sometimes repeated…

“There’s nothing new in sales. Selling is the oldest profession. Some say there’s an older one but that is just a subdivision of sales”.

But here’s the thing or rather a few things I feel quite strongly about:

Many companies hiring salespeople assume they know how to sell and therefore only train their salespeople on their product or service – NOT how to sell them.

Many sales managers are far too busy to teach sales techniques or lack the experience to do it well.

In many smaller companies, the owner manager is not good at managing salespeople or selling.

Very many salespeople I meet and coach either don’t know the basics and need to be taught them or have forgotten them and really do need an effective refresher.

If any of those ring a bell and inspires you to do something about it – great!

If I’ve upset you – my apologies but it’s possibly worth thinking about why you might be upset.

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