When you cannot close the sale

Here’s a technique I picked up very early in my sales career, and at an educated guess, I’d say I sold at least 20% more than I would have otherwise. That’s a lot of extra income in 25 + years! You can use this when you’re quite certain you are just not going to get the sale, no matter what you do.
You simply say…

Mr Prospect, you’re obviously not going to go ahead and don’t think what we have is right for you. So just before I go, can I take my sales hat off and ask you for an honest answer to one last question please. They’ll usually agree.
Thank you – you say. And then…

I was convinced this would work really well for you, that you could afford it and would make the decision to go ahead. So where did I go wrong – what did I miss please?

Often, the real objection finally comes out. And all you have to do is deal with it. That’s a closing technique used by world class sales achievers.

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