Why do so many people dislike selling – even though they have to?

In the last several months aside from my work coaching salespeople,  I have been working with a number of professional service firms such as accountants, solicitors, surveyors etc., and individuals such as coaches, medical practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines as well as many business owners, all of whom have realised that in this highly competitive market place, they needed to learn how to sell their product or service more professionally and more effectively.

Survey questionnaires were issued to all and what I find really fascinating is the Number One Reason the majority of these people dislike selling. It is this:

They do not like asking people for money!

Just in case you may fall into this category, here is the one of many important things I pointed out to them…

‘Think of the last time you saw a product or service that a salesperson showed you that you were really excited about and really wanted to buy. I bet you could not get your cheque book or credit / debit card out quickly enough!’

So if you dislike asking people for money – get over it! Or give your product or service away. Your choice!


Bruce King

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