Winning Sales Referrals

Would you too like to be generating 80% or more of your new business from Referrals? Thousands of others do and you can too with ‘Winning Sales Referrals’  – A step by step process for winning all the sales you could ever want, just from referrals.

Paperback Book.

Do you want to be doing more business, more easily and more profitably than ever before? Do you want to avoid cold calling? Bruce King has been called ‘The Referrals Master’ and in this powerful book he shares his very best tips with you for gaining all the new business you could ever want through a systematic approach to asking for and receiving Sales Referrals.

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“I have just done a campaign based on your fantastic book ‘Winning Sales Referrals’ and it has had superb results with some people providing as many as 24 referrals.”
Alex McBarnet. CEO The Bushcraft Company

Chapter Headings

Introduction – Why Sales Referrals?

Chapter 1. Sales Referrals – The Essential Mathematics
Chapter 2. Are You Referable?
Chapter 3. Why Do You Not Ask For Referrals?
Chapter 4. Perfect Prospect Profiling
Chapter 5. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 1
Chapter 6. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 2
Chapter 7. How To Say ‘Thank You’ For Referrals
Chapter 8. ‘Thank You’ Events & ‘Referral’ Events
Chapter 9. How To Approach Referrals
Chapter 10 Passive Referral Strategies
Chapter 11. Networking
Chapter 12.  You Too Can Become A Referrals Master

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If I could have only one sales book on my shelf, this would be it. This is a no-nonsense approach to generating new sales at next to no cost. Buy it, it’s a must!

Conrad P Hoe

Corporate New Business Consultant.

Bruce King is an inspiring Business Speaker and Author. In this book he imparts with the reader a lifetime of expertise in referral marketing which after all is the most successful and cost effective method of advertising your services and products. Bruce and those who have attended his master classes have built grown and sold many businesses using these techniques which he has communicated in this book in a very practical non theoretical manner. Buy and read this book and I would be very confident you will get an excellent lifetime of returns on your small investment.

Tom Murray, Managing Director

Profit Partners Ireland Limited

Over the years, I've been fortunate to have generated a substantial amount of new business and income via referrals. Using Bruce's structured and systematic approach, I can easily boost these results by 50% or more this year. Absolute best way of getting premium, high-end clients.

Des Vadgama

VFactor - Income and Profit Growth

Wow! I used just one of these techniques five times today and got seven referrals and seven appointments. This would have cost me hundreds of pounds using our normal marketing techniques, let alone the time involved.

Ian James, Director

MSD Consultants.

The first day I had Bruce King’s book I took just one of the ideas and put it into action. In just one day I got more referrals than I had received in the previous five months. This is magic! I will never be short of new business, ever again.

Marie GeeDirector

MG Financial Services

I have always been a great admirer of Bruce King’s work and this is no exception. What you get is pragmatic business information that really works. It gets to the heart of cost effective marketing and allows you to generate good business for peanuts. A copy should be in every salesperson’s and entrepreneur’s library. Highly recommended!

Ron G Holland

Top Biz Guru and author of The Eureka! Enigma.

Brilliantly written, packed with practical wisdom, and such an enjoyable read -- easily the best business coaching book I've read in years, and of real practical benefit to me and my colleagues in developing and executing business development strategies which actually work"

Vincent Brown, Partner

Semple Fraser Solictors LLP

If you want an endless stream of new business at little or no cost - this book is a ‘must read’ and the action points a ‘must do’. Put these simple and deadly effective techniques into action and see your sales soar.

Thomas Power. Chairman

Ecademy – The Business Network

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