XXXXXXX in sales and marketing does not work any more

I was recently reading an article by a highly respected and prominent business person on ‘the new economy’ and why, in their opinion, most traditional ways of marketing simply do not work any more. They said that unless businesses embrace the new economy, they are doomed to fail. Interestingly, this article contained similar comments to an article I had read about fifteen years ago and they are similar comments to those I often receive when working with salespeople and business owners. Here are some of those comments with mine in brackets beneath:

Direct marketing by post does not work any more.

(One of my very good friends has made multi-millions over the past eleven years and continues to earn more year after year – all through Direct Marketing by post and only by this method. It works for him because he does it very well.)

Cold telephone calling doesn’t work any more.

(I have several clients who get all of their business through cold telephone calling and at a very low cost per lead compared to any other form of marketing. It works for them because they do it very well.)

Email Marketing does not work any more.

(I have other clients and business associates who earn an extraordinary living purely from email marketing. It works for them because they do it very well.)

Networking does not work any more.

(It works for many people very well because they do it very well.)

Referral Marketing does not work for me.

(Many of my clients get all of their business from referrals. Why? You know the answer

by now – because they do it very well).

Advertising does not work for me.

(Some companies invest a small fortune on advertising week after week in the same publications. They do it because it works very well and they are very good at creating advertisements that work and knowing where to place them.)

I could go on to mention PR, Exhibitions, Social Media etc etc and I would make the same comment – some people make all of these work very well because they do it very well.

Yes of course times are changing, and as they change there are more and more opportunities to exploit. That does not mean that ‘the old ways do not work’, but you do need to be very good at what you do and better than most. And that’s not difficult! You just may need to study the subjects more and learn from those who are the very best in those fields.

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