74% of salespeople SUCK!

Are you a salesperson?

Do you employ salespeople? Do you think they are competent?

According to OMG (Objective Management Group), probably the world’s most respected company in the Sales Competence Assessment Industry …


Their view is supported by many similar research organisations, as well as myself. For example:

According to Forrester Research Inc., B2B customers thought that:

76% of the salespeople they met were not knowledgeable about their businesses.

70% were not prepared for the questions they wanted answers to

75% were not knowledgeable about the customer’s business

76% could not relate to the prospect’s role and responsibilities in the organisation

77% did not understand their issues

78% did not have examples or case studies to share with them.

No matter what you do, say or teach, some of your salespeople will never change. You can probably guess how I would deal with them.

For those of your salespeople who truly want to be extraordinarily successful, my group presentation titled ‘The secrets behind massive sales success – and how you too can make your fortune in sales’ will show them precisely what it takes to be spectacularly successful in sales.

It will inspire them to take action and give them the precise strategy to follow to guarantee their success.

Contact me for more information on how to transform your sales team’s attitude and results. I am now taking bookings for 2017. I’m on 07775 948545.

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