A Gigantic SOBO

For the uninitiated, SOBO stands for Statement Of the Bloody Obvious and here is a classic example of this:

According to some recent research reported in Which magazine, ‘shoppers at retail stores who are greeted at the door with a smile and a cheerful welcome and respond with a smile (hard not to!) are likely to spend considerably more than those who are not.’

I have no idea how much this research cost but no doubt it was a considerable amount. I could have saved them the time, trouble and expense and I have no doubt you could have too! I do however agree that retailers need to have this pointed out to them. Personally I find the majority of staff working in UK retailers to be miserable, uninterested, unhelpful and often quite rude and as a result I never look forward to going shopping here in the UK.

bruce king new yorkIn complete contrast, here I am again in New York City and everywhere I go, I am greeted with a smile and people almost falling over themselves to be friendly and helpful. Shopping is usually one of my least favorite pastimes but here in New York it is a pleasure.

Before some other organisation decides to invest further time carrying out more research on the effects of a smile, here is another SOBO:

A smile and a pleasant greeting enhances all communication and creates positive interaction between people in ALL social and business situations.

Who do I invoice for this advice? Heck – pass it on with my compliments!

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