A Lesson In Sales From A Fishpond…

Bruce King

koi_ghostI have a fish pond in my garden. It contains about thirty-five large goldfish and five much larger Ghost Koi.

Strange as it may seem to non fish keepers, they recognise me. They really do. Whenever I approach the pond and even when I am several paces away, they swim rapidly to the side expecting to get fed. I usually do feed them and they have learned to trust me.

When we have guests at home, they often ask if they can feed the fish. I give them a small handful of food pellets and tell them to stand well away from the edge because the fish do not like strangers. Of course they do not believe me and they go to the side of the pond and wait for the fish to appear. But usually the fish do not. They know it is a stranger and they are wary.

Occasionally when I am on a speaking tour or delivering sales master classes and am away for several days or weeks at a time, the fish do not usually get fed. That is not being cruel because there is much other natural food in my pond. But they like the fact that I can deliver really tasty snacks without them having to hunt for it and regular feeding makes them lazy.

Sometimes when I am away for quite a while I ask a neighbor to feed them. The first few times they approach the pond the fish stay hidden. But after a while they get used to the stranger. They forget about me and know he too has food. They learn to trust him.

Fish are like customers are they not? Except that if we neglect our customers, they are usually far less forgiving than fish.

Is there anybody you have been neglecting you should be catching up with this week?

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