An abysmal sales strategy …

lazy salesmanHow is this for a sales strategy?
Bruce King

 Last week I made an online enquiry on behalf of a client via a website. It was  for a piece of equipment, the price of which was not listed but I am quite sure was likely to be in excess of £5000.

On Monday afternoon this week I received the following email. Some details have been erased for confidentiality reasons:


Dear Bruce

 My name is Ben (XXXXXXXXX), I am the Sales and Marketing Manager for (Company Name). Thank you for getting in contact with us regarding the (XYZ Equipment).

How can we be of assistance?

 Kind Regards,

Sales and Marketing Manager
(Company contact details)

I did not reply to the email. I had far too many questions to want to spend my time typing and waiting for a reply and I was not inclined to pick up the telephone and call Ben myself. In my view, that was for Ben to do.

It is now five days since I received that email.

Has Ben or one of his salespeople called me to follow up on my enquiry? No!

Did Ben know if I wanted one piece of equipment,  or ten, or even more.  No!

If you are reading this Ben – it is too late. We have bought elsewhere.

Note that Ben is the Sales and Marketing Manager. If Ben worked for me and unless we were so busy because of his past efforts that we could never serve another new customer ever again – I would almost certainly fire him.

If you received an enquiry from me via your website for a potential purchase, even if it were of somewhat less value than that enquiry, you would pick up the telephone and speak with me, would you not?

If you would not and you worked for me – I would probably fire you too, or at the very least move you into the accounts department where you could hopefully do a lot less damage to my business.

Am, I being too harsh? What do you think ? Let me know.


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