Are you a smart ass salesperson?

Nobody likes a smart ass. And especially a slick, smart ass salesperson.

You may not think you are coming across as a slick smart ass, but it’s so easy to appear so, and for you to be misinterpreted.
For example:  A prospect has a concern and one you have heard so many times before, and you know precisely how to answer it satisfactorily.

So the second they stop speaking, and sometimes even before they’ve finished speaking, you rush into dealing with it, no doubt very professionally indeed.

Do you do that sometimes?

The problem is that because you respond so quickly, and possibly even with a hint of intolerance or frustration in your voice, you may well be coming across as a very slick smart ass.

Instead, take your time before responding. Make out like you are giving their concern some serious thought. Acknowledge their concern. Show empathy. Question them further on that concern and why they see it that way.

Then answer it.

That’s being smart – not a smart ass.

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