At last – the proof! …

So it IS true… ‘Got To Make A Big Decision? Just Trust Your Basic Instinct’

That was the title of a news article which appeared in today’s newspapers. It went on to say: Instinct may be more reliable than the conscious brain at making decisions, says Ken Paller, a psychologist at Northwestern University, Illonois. His study has found that most hunches are based on memories that lie just beneath the surface of the conscious brain and (quote) “I suggest that we need to develop our intuitive nature and creativity”.

Wow – he’s just discovered it! Well as you know, I’ve been writing about how to do this in my books and teaching people to do this for over twenty years and I certainly didn’t discover it! People were teaching this hundreds of years before I was even born. But at least now we have one scientist who says we are right!

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