Will doubling your sales make you happy?

Posted on October.31.2011 by BK

If you are not happy right now, then it is very unlikely you are going to be happy when you have doubled your sales and you are not going to be happy while you are on your way to achieving that goal. Unhappy people tend to be non-positive, less inclined to action and often tend […]

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Is the glass half full?

Posted on October.28.2011 by BK

Here’s a twist on the ‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’ question which I really enjoyed. I’m sure you have heard the question posed before. The audience or the individual is shown a glass half full of water and asked – “Is the glass half full or half empty?” And as you know, […]

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Have a chat with Bill Clinton…

Posted on September.19.2011 by BK

Here’s a question for you. How would you like to have Bill Clinton, or Theodore Roosevelt, or Napoleon Hill, or Dale Carnegie, or Mother Theresa, or Ghandi or Aristotle, or Winston Churchill or Richard Branson, or Bill Gates or any other great leader give you their guidance and share some of their most innermost thoughts […]

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Dealing with ‘I want to think it over’…

Posted on September.18.2011 by BK

Do you ever get frustrated when potential customers tell you they want to THINK IT OVER after your sales presentation. Well here’s one of several excellent ways to ensure it happens to you far less frequently. You achieve this by setting up an up-front agreement with them. Here’s how it might go. You say… Peter, […]

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Everyone in business is in Sales…

Posted on September.18.2011 by BK

I’m still selling most days in some way or another – aren’t we all? If we are not directly and solely employed to sell our organisation’s products and services, we are selling ourselves and our ideas to our team, to our customers, our suppliers, the press, our financiers, our shareholders and a host of other […]

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Who do you really work for?

Posted on September.09.2011 by BK

Whenever I’m addressing an audience made up of company employees, I ask the question – ‘who here is an employee? Of course everyone’s hands go up. Maybe yours would too? Then I ask if they have ever worked for another company, and of course a lot of hands go up again. Maybe a change of […]

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When you cannot close the sale

Posted on September.08.2011 by BK

Here’s a technique I picked up very early in my sales career, and at an educated guess, I’d say I sold at least 20% more than I would have otherwise. That’s a lot of extra income in 25 + years! You can use this when you’re quite certain you are just not going to get […]

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