Bruce King’s Videos have moved

Posted on December.10.2018 by Bruce King

Bruce King’s many inspirational sales coaching videos are now only available at Sales Coaching Online. Watch the introductory video here:

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Some thoughts on Failure and Success…

Posted on December.06.2018 by Bruce King

Fail More and Fail Fast I am the first to admit I have failed frequently and I am grateful for it. So many people have a fear of failing that they do not even try. Aside from the failure itself, they are afraid of seeming foolish or being embarrassed by their failure, and so they […]

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Many salespeople’s biggest mistake…

Posted on November.02.2018 by Bruce King

So many salespeople skip from one sales role to another every 12 – 18 months, and often much sooner.  I frequently see this when scanning through the multitude of CVS salespeople send me in response to a new sales opportunity I’m offering. Some have been doing it for thirty years and more. They do this […]

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Sell with LOVE

Posted on October.19.2018 by Bruce King

The most successful salespeople love their sales career and sell with love. If you do not love selling, or cannot get to love it, maybe consider a career change. Life is too short to spend 35-40 hours a week or more doing something you do not love. Here are just a few tips on how […]

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Sales Q4 2018

Posted on October.13.2018 by Bruce King

We have just entered the last sales quarter of 2018. So how are you doing? Are you confident of meeting and ideally exceeding your sales quota for 2018? Are you ahead right now? If so congratulations, and keep up the great work. Are you on target? If so, great but do not get complacent. And […]

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The ‘secret’ to doing a lot more business, no matter what business…

Posted on September.16.2018 by Bruce King

My first full-time ‘job’ in sales was in 1976 as a commission only salesperson in the financial services industry. But what I am about to share with you applies to everyone, no matter what they do in their careers, businesses and even their private lives. I am just using sales as an example. Back in […]

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Nobody ever made any money or achieved anything in their lives or careers by saying NO to something.

Posted on August.30.2018 by Bruce King

Of course you may have saved yourself time and money on many occasions – but you never MADE any money by saying NO. Here are some (of many) things you should almost always say YES to… Say YES to an offer of help As much as we may think we might, none of us know […]

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On Kissing & Shaking Hands…

Posted on August.17.2018 by Bruce King

I recently read an article which explained that there were up to 5000 times more germs on a persons hands than on their lips or cheeks. So for the sake of our health, maybe we should all resort to kissing people hello rather than shaking hands? Probably not a good idea in most business interactions […]

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What should I invest in Bruce?

Posted on August.04.2018 by Bruce King

My first full-time sales role, very many years ago, was in the financial services industry. Even though it was such a long time ago, it seems many people I have been working with since have not forgotten I was a Financial Adviser. And so, I’m still asked by people ‘what’s best to invest in Bruce?’ […]

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Posted on August.04.2018 by Bruce King

I’ve taught this strategy to many thousands of salespeople and, without exception, it’s worked for everyone who put this into practice. Here’s what you do. Set aside half to three quarters of an hour every day, preferably first thing in the morning, and have a client or customer list to hand so you don’t have […]

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