Blocked Sales Pipeline? Would this work for you?….

Bruce King

pipelineIn spite of the strategies I teach to help overcome the classic stall of ‘I need to think it over’, I am quite sure that many of you still have a pipeline with people who have said  that to you.

Last week I received a call from one of my clients who retains me as a coach. He sells a service which commands a high five to six figure annual fee and informed me that he had fifteen potential clients in his pipeline and needed to close some of them fast to maintain his cash flow. He was struggling with how to achieve this.

I asked him if he would be able to service all fifteen if they all agreed to go ahead within the space of a few weeks. His response was a definite ‘NO’. His company would not have the capacity and could not create it.

I then suggested he listed these prospects in order of those he would most like to do business with. Between us we then created a short script he would be comfortable working from. YES! We always write scripts for new approaches. We like to get it right first time when we speak with a prospect.

Here is the basis of what we wrote and was delivered…

Initial pleasantries followed by:

“(First name), I have a challenge and I need your help please. I currently have fifteen potential clients who are going to be making a decision to hire us or not in the next few days. The simple fact is there is no way we could take on more than five right now. Any more and we would be stretched and we will not do that. We pride ourselves on delivering superb results as I believe we’ve already demonstrated. I’m calling you because I know we have a perfect match. So if you are excited about working with us as we are with you, how can we get a decision on this right away? Or, if you have decided against working with us, please tell me so I can make myself available to another company.” (silent close).

The result was he closed on five opportunities within twenty-four hours with the first eight calls.

Would this or a version of it work for you?

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