From The Master Of Success and I

Posted on July.21.2018 by Bruce King

The late Jim Rohn (The Master of Success) was one of my heroes and one of my mentors. One of my favourite of Jim’s quotes was on the subject of motivation. He said… ‘Give a lecture to a thousand people. Some walk out and say: ‘I am going to change my life’. Others walk out […]

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Posted on July.20.2018 by Bruce King

Here is what the most successful people do, worldwide and almost without exception: They keep a journal   Mine is a beautiful, leather bound notebook. Just touching it makes me feel good. And I keep it with me all day. I set aside half an hour at the end of the day to write in […]

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Do you do this?

Posted on July.13.2018 by Bruce King

It’s sunny and hot here in the UK, and wherever you are, I hope the weather is also great and you are making a little time to enjoy it. And here’s a hot tip for this week… Most people I know have their greatest moments of inspiration when they are relaxed, having fun and acting […]

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Does this happen to you?

Posted on July.13.2018 by Bruce King

It is a frequent challenge salespeople, and indeed anyone who is partially or fully responsible for generating new business has to face: PROSPECTS SAY ‘NO’ TO THEIR APPROACHES OR PROPOSALS That’s sales for you! And there could be so many explanations / reasons this is happening to you and which you may need to work […]

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You are right – it may not work!

Posted on May.26.2018 by Bruce King

As well as working with salespeople and sales teams, for much of my time I am also involved with my SME clients helping them to grow their businesses. I also spend more time than I would like and sometimes get more than a little frustrated that I have to coax them out of their negative […]

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Don’t just ask for referrals – give them too

Posted on April.01.2018 by Bruce King

‘Give and thou shalt receive’ is a quote from the bible. A more up to date quotation is ‘what goes around comes around’. Most sales coaches will recommend you ask for referrals. But so few people advise you to give referrals. Yet it’s a guaranteed way to get more referrals, and I’m not talking about just […]

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Texting, emailing and messaging could be losing you business…

Posted on February.17.2018 by Bruce King

  We’ve all seen it; people hunched over their cellphones or tablets, emailing, texting, messaging, or reading those sent to them, and oblivious to almost everything around them. They do it on public transport, in their homes or offices,  and often they are involved in these activities whilst meeting with and even in conversation with […]

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Posted on February.15.2018 by Bruce King

One of the many problems many sales managers I coach face is they’re often not managing what’s important. They are often just managing entries in their companies management accounts, and usually sales, or lack of them. They’re managing their team’s CRM, sales reports and claimed sales activity. They are trying, often unsuccessfully, to estimate accurately […]

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How to save a lot of money on almost any major purchase

Posted on February.11.2018 by Bruce King

One of the many things I taught my children was that whenever they were given a price for any substantial purchase, they should always say ‘HOW MUCH!’ and sound and look really horrified at the price. In most cases, the seller comes back with a much-reduced price. Just try it and see for yourself. It […]

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Punctuality is the thief of time – but it does not have to be!

Posted on February.04.2018 by Bruce King

‘Punctuality is the thief of time’ is a famous quote by Oscar Wilde, who in fact was always deliberately late for an appointment. The full quote was: “I am always late on principle, my principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.” But most people in sales dislike being late, at all costs. As […]

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