Are you a smart ass salesperson?

Posted on January.28.2018 by Bruce King

Nobody likes a smart ass. And especially a slick, smart ass salesperson. You may not think you are coming across as a slick smart ass, but it’s so easy to appear so, and for you to be misinterpreted. For example:  A prospect has a concern and one you have heard so many times before, and […]

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3 things all sales champions do…

Posted on January.15.2018 by Bruce King

Albert Einstein is one of the most inspiring people I know, and one of his most memorable and most repeated quotes is this: ‘The definition of insanity is to carry on doing things the way you’ve always done them and expect different results.’ Relating to this, here are three things all very successful people  do: […]

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A lesson in handling incoming enquiries

Posted on November.26.2017 by Bruce King

Several days ago I emailed a prestigious UK magazine enquiring about the costs and booking procedure for an advertisement I was considering placing with them when we launch iZONEN in March 2018. This magazine is focused entirely on and for the sales profession, but for various reasons, I will not name it. Three days later I had […]

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Handing price objections

Posted on November.12.2017 by Bruce King

If there’s one thing most prospects will want to negotiate on, it’s price. They’ll say things like “It’s too expensive”, or “we can’t afford that”, or “It’s more than we want to pay” or “we don’t have the budget”. Note: they do not always directly ask for a price reduction. They just make a statement. So […]

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Negotiation and LIM’s Rule

Posted on October.15.2017 by Bruce King

LIM is a Chinese businessman I got into a conversation with when we were stranded at an airport in Hong Kong due to a heavy snowfall. We got talking about sales and marketing, and LIM was especially interested in talking about negotiating and his strategies. His overriding one was what he calls, and I call LIMs Rule. […]

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How to grab a prospect’s attention

Posted on October.08.2017 by Bruce King

According to some recent research I read, the average executive receives at least 247 emails a day. Therefore if you are prospecting for new business, and sending a cold email to introduce yourself and your product or service, even if it does go into the Inbox rather than the Junk / Spam folder, there’s not […]

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Do you get price objections?

Posted on October.01.2017 by Bruce King

WHAT’S THE REAL VALUE OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO YOUR PROSPECT? Your prospect has a perceived value of your product or service when you first introduce it to them, and it is up to you to raise that price perception as high as possible, and as quickly as possible. Before I show you how, imagine this […]

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Getting more sales referrals – a strategy most salespeople have not heard about, or do not implement.

Posted on September.27.2017 by Bruce King

I doubt anyone would disagree that referrals are often the easiest people to do business with, the most profitable to do business with, and are most likely to also refer you to other prospects. Most sales coaches recommend asking for referrals only when a project has been completed to the customer or client’s complete satisfaction. […]

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Focus is everything

Posted on September.26.2017 by Bruce King

Which is why I apologise you have not heard from me for a while. I’ve been working flat out on a new project, and much of the work is now complete, so normal service is resumed. SALESiZONE will be a portal containing just about everything you need to know and implement to become a sales […]

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Posted on July.24.2017 by Bruce King

If you have heard me speak, or read any of my books, you’ll know that I’ve spent many years studying how the human brain works, and how to unleash  the power of your mind to help you achieve extraordinary success in your sales career, your business and/or in your personal life. If you find this […]

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