Cold Calling Made Easy

Do you love cold calling? or…

Do you dislike cold calling? Do you procrastinate, defer it, do it half-heartedly or, in spite of your best efforts, get mediocre results? Maybe you even think cold calling is a waste of time?

Watch the Video and see why Cold Calling is still an essential business skill, especially in the B2B market…

‘Cold Calling Made Easy’ is Bruce King’s best selling ebook of all time (so far). It contains everything  you need to know to be successful in cold calling, tele-sales and appointment setting.It is based on the in-house training he has conducted for very many companies who cold call to sell a diverse range of products or services and  for people who cold call to make appointments on the telephone. Many thousands of copies have been sold around the world and when you follow Bruce King’s coaching, you will never fear cold calling again. You’ll be confident, articulate, you will get through to your prospect and you will get the results you want from the call.

‘Cold Calling Made Easy’  also contains everything you need including work sheets to  tailor the contents to your own particular products or services and the intended outcome of your call. The content includes…

  • What Is Cold Calling
  • How to get in the right frame of mind for cold calling
  • The Key attributes of World-Class cold callers
  • How to overcome fear & rejection
  • Why cold calling is NOT a numbers game
  • How to monitor your results for continuous improvement
  • Time Management techniques for Cold Calling sessions
  • How to ensure you always get a positive result from a cold telephone call
  • How to research the prospect and prospect sectors
  • Why people buy – the psychology of selling on the telephone
  • Why you need a telesales script – just to start with – and how to write the perfect telephone sales script
  • How NOT to open a conversation
  • Perfect opening statements and questions that guarantee a conversation
  • How to conduct the telesales presentation
  • How to handle sales objections
  • How to Close the Sale or Appointment
  • Working through gatekeepers
  • How to handle Voicemail

And so much more!

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Just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received…

I've just finished reading Bruce King's book and am impressed. I'm one of those people who hates cold calling, and so having read Bruce's book, I now know why I've been averse to it and what I can do about it. The book is so much more than just cold calling though, it is a step-by-step through the entire sales and referral process. If you are brand new to sales, this book needs to be your bible. If you are a seasoned traveller, there will still be some nuggets for you too – after all, we all slip into bad habits and a refresher never hurt anyone

Ann Andrews

The Corporate Toolbox

I've known Bruce King for at least 20 years, and can tell you that he always produces material that actually works in the real world and increases your sales and bottom line. This book should not only be part of every salesperson's arsenal, but ought to be in every single business in the UK, not just one copy but one for everyone. Highly recommended!

Ron G Holland

Author of The Eureka! Enigma

If you have to use the telephone for getting appointments with prospects, and you either don't like it or don't get the kind of results you'd love to have, this book is a MUST HAVE! You really will become World-Class if you follow Bruce King's advice

Thomas Power


At last a great book on telemarketing's the complete antidote to the scripted, robotic approach we all suffer. Bruce has created a thinking, practical handbook for real people who want to generate rapport and trust with their clients and not get the 'digital door' slammed on their fingers twenty times an hour.

John Donnelly

The Guru's Guru

Well – I didn't like it. I LOVED IT!! Bruce's latest book "Telephone Sales and Appointment setting" is – just as it says on the cover "world class". I've read a fair few sales and marketing books and this one is exceptional. It is simple and easy to read. It has NO waffle, gets right to the core of the issues facing those who want (or don't want) to make cold calls. I dare you to read this and NOT feel motivated, inspired and ready to pick up the phone.

I found the worksheets on time management and the results monitor particularly valuable. I also loved the conversation scripts and the section on handling objections is very useful. This book stands out because it really offers something that little bit different, even de-bunks some of the bunkum around sales.

In my work supporting great coaches to become successful coaches, I find they resist cold calling and will do almost anything to avoid picking up the phone and speaking to people. This is a book I will definitely be recommending to them.

Dr Lisa Turner- CEO


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