Dealing with ‘I want to think it over’…

Do you ever get frustrated when potential customers tell you they want to THINK IT OVER after your sales presentation. Well here’s one of several excellent ways to ensure it happens to you far less frequently. You achieve this by setting up an up-front agreement with them. Here’s how it might go. You say…

Peter, I’d like to ask you some questions to make sure I fully understand your business and your concerns. And of course you’ll want to ask me some questions about my company and how our product/service can help you. As we go through that process, you might feel that our service is just not right for you. If that’s happens, rather than us waste each other’s time, are you OK with saying NO to me please? You could say something like ‘ let’s stop right now Bruce, I’ve got no interest in this at all’.
They’ll probably say yes – that’s OK. Why wouldn’t they?

You then say, – On the other hand you may feel we have exactly what you need in which case I’d expect you to say YES. What I hope you won’t say is ‘I want to think it over’. I’d much rather you said NO. Are you OK with telling me that Peter?

Again they are likely to say yes.

Now you have an agreement they will either say yes or no – not think it over. And trust me when I say you’re better off with a few no’s than a lot of ‘I want to think it overs’. An up front agreement is part of the sales process used by world class sales achievers.

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