Did I tell you about Tom?

Bruce King

Did I tell you about Tom? His story is another lesson for us all…

Tom was a healthy one-year-old child. He had recently learned to crawl. But he watched his brother and sister walking, he saw his parents walking and he thought that walking looked a lot more fun than crawling around on the floor. And so Tom decided it was now time to walk

He crawled over to the side of a chair, hauled himself into an upright position and attempted to take a step. He balanced precariously for a second or two and then fell down. Tom pulled himself up and tried again, and again he toppled over.   He tried a few more times and after several more failed attempts, decided he had quite enough of that for the day and resorted to crawling.

Over the following few days, Tom made several more attempts but never managed more than one or two steps before falling down.  By the end of the fourth day, Tom decided that he would never be a walker and would just quit trying.

His parents agreed with his decision. His father patted him gently on the head and told him walking was not for everyone and it was perfectly OK to crawl around on his hands and knees for the rest of his life.

And that is just what Tom did.

Of course that is a preposterous story. But no more so than anyone giving up on their dreams of anything they might want to achieve in their lives and careers after just a few failed attempts or even not starting to dream of a great future for the first time.

So what is it you dreamed of but gave up on? Or what are you still dreaming of achieving but have done nothing about? Or what would you aim for if you knew you could not fail?

No matter how difficult it might seem right now – reach out, reach high and go for it. I guarantee you it is not going to be any harder than learning to walk.

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