Do NOT set any goals for 2017…

slide1unless you plan to work harder and possibly smarter than you have ever worked before.

And not unless you are prepared to dedicate the time, make the sacrifices, pick yourself up and overcome the obstacles that will inevitably get in your way, and experience and learn from the inevitable failures you will experience on your journey.

Most people only flirt with goal setting instead of making a total commitment to achieving their goals. But without that commitment, within a few weeks, like 99% of other ‘New Year (and Year Round) Goal Setters’, you may be depressed because you have quit on your goals.

You may feel you have let yourself, and maybe others down.

You may have lost faith that you could achieve something really amazing and meaningful in your life.

And worst case – you may give up on goal setting forever, and that would be a shame for you, and those who may depend upon you.

I am the greatest believer in goal setting. But goal setting only works if you plan and commit to do the work necessary to achieve them.

Writing down your goals, creating ‘to do’ lists with time deadlines, creating vision boards, taking time out to meditate on your goals are all powerful things to do, but only as long as you do the work necessary to make your goals a reality, bio matter what it takes.

I too believe in ‘The Law Of Attraction’.  I believe that constantly focusing on your goals, and imprinting the image of having already achieved them in the conscious and unconscious mind, is extraordinarily effective.

I am equally convinced that doing little or nothing and expecting little elves and fairies or anything or anyone else in ‘The Universe’ to grant one’s wishes,  as if by magic, is total nonsense.

So if you are intent on setting goals for 2017, don’t just wish or pray for them to become a reality…

Do the work and make them happen, otherwise Do NOT set any goals for 2017.

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