Do you get Price Objections when selling?

Do you get Price Objections when selling your product or service?

Q.  Are you the one raising the topic of price first or is it your prospect?

If it is your prospect rather than you – great! It is likely you are focused on selling the value of your proposition, in other words you are Solution Selling.

You are selling that you can do something or provide something better / more efficiently.

You are selling that you can solve a problem – maybe one they never knew they had, or an opportunity to exploit a situation they maybe never realised they could exploit.

When your prospect sees the benefit of what you can do for them or provide to them, then they will be the one to enquire about the level of investment required.

But if you bring up the price topic first, you are likely to be seen as price selling and simply pushing your product or service. And when you do that, you are no longer solution selling.

Worse still – your prospect is most likely to push for a price reduction.

Solutions first – price last.

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