Do you have a S–T List?

shit listTo be honest, I had never hear of a  S–T List until the other day – must be getting out of touch with some things.

I mention it because I was having a brief conversation this week with an ex colleague who I had not spoken to for at least 10 years. He was very successful and retired a few years ago.

During our conversation, he said:  “My S–T List is getting bigger every week. Let’s get together while I am in the UK and discuss our S–T LISTS.”

I researched the term on the Internet and the first definition I found was this:

‘A shit list is a list of things or people that have annoyed you recently and used as a public display of annoyance without offending people directly. So for example, if some-one winds you up.. they have entered your shit list. It’s a more polite way of telling them where they can get off. So, you could tell them that they have entered at number 1 on your shit list.

I was horrified! Why would anyone have a mental or written list of things  / people / companies that have annoyed them, floating around in their briefcase, wallet, conscious and subconscious mind.

Can you imagine what that might do to you? How it would make you feel, communicate, interact with other people.  What else could it do to you?

For those of you who do not know me well and have not read the About Bruce King on my website, very many years ago and before I adopted sales as my chosen profession, I was heavily involved in alternative (now known as complimentary) medicine. Some of which was very alternative.

I had some amazing teachers, and as a result of what they taught me, I would often spend time with many of my patients, exploring the resentments and frustrations they had built up in their bodies and which I believed, if they could recognise and release, could maybe help relieve their pains and medical problems. The results were usually quite amazing.

They let go and they were so much better.

I also sometimes use similar strategies with the clients I coach one on one in my executive coaching program. It’s important to let go of the past and get totally focused on the now and the future if we are to achieve our goals.

And on the subject of goal setting – any fool can set goals. New Year resolutions are a classic example. I focus my clients on GOAL ACHIEVEMENT.

So back to the concept of the S–T list…

Do you have one – consciously or subconsciously? Why would you have one?  What is the point of having one? Why would you want all that negative energy circulating around your mind and your body – it is poison.

Let go, forgive and move on.

I have a Bucket List; things I want to do, places I want to go and goals I aim to achieve. And I need my mind and body totally clear to do and achieve those things – no S–T.

How about you?


Bruce King

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