Everybody in business is in sales

Bruce King

One of my many mantras is:

Everybody in business is in sales

That applies no matter what business or profession you are in.

Unless of course you are drowning in new business and simply do not want or need any more.

So aside from those who are purely in sales, if you are an accountant, lawyer, architect, surveyor or ANY kind of service or product supplier – you are not in the business of providing that service or product.

You are in the business of SELLING that service or product.

Which brings me on to my main point this week:

In spite of many so called sales gurus telling you that cold calling does not work, I can tell you that Cold Calling Is Still An Essential Sales Skill.

Watch the video proof I have produced for you (only 3 minutes and 9 seconds play time) and in spite of the fact you may not like cold calling – when you see the results you can get, I am guessing you will get to love it!

The video proof is here: http://www.bruceking.co.uk/videos/

Or just go to the video page on this site.

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