Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Almost all highly successful people and those who aspire to be, in business or any field of human endeavour, have a coach.

Also, like many of my executive coaching clients, you may have challenges in your business that you are either unable or unwilling to discuss with anyone else in your organisation.

The challenges are possibly confidential, and maybe even potentially embarrassing to share with colleagues.

Neither may you want to discuss them with friends or family who might not understand, or are not qualified to advise you.

BUT you know you need some professional, confidential and non-judgmental advice to fix this challenge, and from someone who has only your best interests at heart.

I’m Bruce King, and I’ve helped many hundreds of business owners and senior executives to overcome their biggest challenges, and achieve many more of their business and career goals.

One important note:

I have been coaching senior employees and business owners for many years and helping them to achieve their goals far more rapidly than they would otherwise have done.

I do however breach the fundamental rule every coach is taught…

Coaches are trained NOT to advise – only ask questions to help the client to find the answers or discover solutions for themselves.

I find that ridiculous. If I know the answers or know someone in my vast network who does, why on earth should I leave it to you to struggle on and figure things out for yourself?  So I most certainly do advise.

Coaching should be an ongoing process, but in order to test my approach and our compatibility, and before committing to an ongoing programme, I offer you a one-off, up to a one-hour session. The fee for this trial coaching session is £450 + VAT. Fees for ongoing coaching,  if required are discounted.

Go to the Contact page, send me a brief message and we will contact you to gather some more information about you and to book this session by Skype or FaceTime.

 Just a couple of the many testimonials received:

I had been reading and learning from the famous books Double Your Sales and Winning Sales Referrals and attended Bruce King’s inspirational Master Classes in Sweden on two occasions. Then I spoke with the authority himself, Mr Bruce King.

We had some good discussions and agreed to start coaching sessions to strengthen and improve the strategic planning and sales within my enterprise. We have been having regular fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions since April 2013.

As Strikersoft is a Swedish entity with part of the organization based in the Ukraine, I have more recently had a challenge to keep focused. New challenges emerged as the revolution started next door to our development center. After great sales success and other improvements, our minds started to focus on geopolitical issues rather than business.

Bruce King has been a fantastic coach with his enthusiasm and ability to help to keep my mind on track and not only during agreed coaching hours. Bruce wants to deliver that extra mile and does so with love and a great heart. Bruce is a sincere professional with additional senses needed to help any entrepreneur to achieve success.

I can strongly recommend Bruce King’s services to any business professional that wants to achieve rapid growth and success.

For references in relation to Bruce King, please contact: Strikersoft CEO and founder Fredrik Wångberg

Hi Bruce, 

We had a coaching session in the autumn. Your (very good) feedback was along the lines of ‘not really the right personality for sales’.

I reflected on everything we talked about and put a load of it into action.

For the first time in my life I spent time working on goals and focusing on achieving them. One of my biggest was to move employer with a significant pay rise.

As a direct result of our session and techniques I learned,  I got the position I sought and started my new role with a 30% pay rise. I’m loving the new job, while it’s still sales it’s more internally focused and technical which fits in better with my skill set. I wouldn’t have done it without your help and frank feedback. I’m applying your techniques to more aspects of my life and feeling a different person for it.

Thank you and best wishes



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