Follow up sales prospects frequently…

Follow up sales prospects – especially when you do not win the appointment or sale…

follow upSo what happens when you fail to make an appointment when calling a prospect of fail to sell at a meeting, whether by telephone, Skype or other conferencing facility, or face to face?

My strategy is to always follow up if it is a person or organisation I really want to do business with – not once but several times.

On the first follow up,  I post* them a hand written note, thanking them for their time and mentioning that if their circumstances ever change, that I am here to help.

*NB. I typed post – snail mail. Most people do not get many letters any more but they do get an awful lot of emails. I want to stand out from rather than be just one of the crowd.

The second and subsequent postal follow-ups might include a piece of company literature they have not yet seen, a White Paper or some other item of interest.

From time to time I might also email them a link to an item relevant to their interests. 
I use Google Alerts to send me relevant articles to forward.

These follow-ups take very little time, and I can assure you that it’s worthwhile. I usually get to work with at least 35% of those I keep in touch with within an eighteen month period, and often very much sooner.

You will too.

If you do it.

Bruce King

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